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At Wellings Wealth Care, we provide comprehensive wealth care services with specific tax advantages by getting to know our clients' values, goals and dreams.  Through investments, retirement and estate planning services we enable our clients to pursue their financial goals, to honor the promises they have made to themselves and their loved ones, to retire with peace of mind and financial independence. 

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   For almost 50 years, Wellings & Co has provided comprehensive services with specific tax advantages to the people and businesses of the Bay Area to help them achieve their goals and dreams. We work hard, are constantly learning, and always put our client's needs first. 

   We want to make our business clients more successful and give our tax clients confidence in dealing with Federal and State taxing authorities.   

   Through a process of constant education, training and experience we can be responsive to our clients' needs by developing and implementing a wide range of wealth management solutions from a tax advantage perspective.

Ready to talk about your specific situation? Call or email us to set up a consultation with one of our qualified accountants.

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